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Wintergreen for precedent Essay Example For Students

Wintergreen for precedent Essay The country lies mired in a painful economic downturn. One party has held a 12-year lock on the White House. The fall election campaign is stuttering forward, looking for a defining issue. Strenuously avoiding anything resembling a position, one of the candidates sweeps to victory on the Love platform, marrying a wholesome girl (who can really bake corn muffins) and winning over the voters by showing them the very model of a modern American couple. Suddenly a scandal erupts involving a broken promise to a beauty queen by the new Presidentrotten timing, too, because the First Lady has just struck a blow for family values by delivering newborn twins. An international incident is averted when the heretofore ineffectual Vice President marries the beauty queen, and the Union is saved. This tabloid account of a misbegotten political season (ripped from todays headlines!) explains why that landmark American musical Of Thee I Sing is once again sweeping the country. The 1931 collaboration of George S. Kaufman and Morrie Ryskind (book) and George and Ira Gershwin (music and lyrics), which opened on the day after Christmas in a year that found Americans confidence in their elected government at an unprecedented low, seems eerily prescient this year. No wonder four regional theatre companies have scheduled campaign-season productions: Washingtons Arena Stage, Pennsylvanias Bloomsburg Theatre Ensemble, the Cleveland Play House and Chicagos Remains Theatre. We will write a custom essay on Wintergreen for precedent specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now Of Thee I Sing helped shape the still-forming American musical by its emphasis on integrating musical numbers into the forward movement of the plot, but its primary interest today lies in the free-wheeling, unrestrained satire of Kaufman and Ryskinds book and Ira Gershwins lyrics. Taking a page from Gilbert and Sullivan (especially Gilbert, whose gift for political satire sometimes doesnt translate transatlantically), the collaborators paint a portrait of a political world bereft of ideals, ideas or integrity. In an early scene set in the archetypal smoke-filled hotel room, a political operative declares that the people of this country demand John P. Wintergreen for President, and theyre going to get him whether they like it or not. And, between you and me, gentlemen, I dont think they like it. A moment later another opines that the party might have made one bad mistakethey never should have sold Rhode Island. But the candidate himself knows how to handle that little problem: Ill tell you what! Well leave it out of the campaignnot mention it! When Throttlebottom, the nearly invisible candidate for V.P., wonders what to do if an opponent should happen to bring it up, Wintergreen knows the drill for that situation too: Dont answer em! It takes two to make an argument. THAT THESE SNIPPETS OF POLITICAL strategy would probably ring true in the mouths of the likes of Ailes, Carville, Matalin and Bakeror the gentlemen they profess to servehelps create the uncanny sensation that Of Thee I Sing has somehow been surreptitiously adapted to present circumstances. But Kaufman and Ryskinds satirical venom, for the most part, doesnt require updatingtwo or three politically incorrect moments notwithstandingbecause the level of political discourse in America has so manifestly not progressed in the 61 years since Of Thee I Sing premiered. And the satire (what closes on Saturday night, as Kaufman referred to it) is blended with the confectionery materials of the musical comedy form and wrapped in Gershwins witty, essentially cheerful score (imagine, for contrast, a Weill or Blitzstein setting of the same materials), creating a piece with complexities of tone and style that defy formulaic interpretation. Oklahoma! is Oklahoma! is Oklahoma! (at least until a Western Revisionist Historian gets hold of it), but Of Thee I Sing sparks divergent responses in the four directors who are grappling with it across this land of ours. .ua56643b6dd532a9b5693d8ada09863a7 , .ua56643b6dd532a9b5693d8ada09863a7 .postImageUrl , .ua56643b6dd532a9b5693d8ada09863a7 .centered-text-area { min-height: 80px; position: relative; } .ua56643b6dd532a9b5693d8ada09863a7 , .ua56643b6dd532a9b5693d8ada09863a7:hover , .ua56643b6dd532a9b5693d8ada09863a7:visited , .ua56643b6dd532a9b5693d8ada09863a7:active { border:0!important; } .ua56643b6dd532a9b5693d8ada09863a7 .clearfix:after { content: ""; display: table; clear: both; } .ua56643b6dd532a9b5693d8ada09863a7 { display: block; transition: background-color 250ms; webkit-transition: background-color 250ms; width: 100%; opacity: 1; transition: opacity 250ms; webkit-transition: opacity 250ms; background-color: #95A5A6; } .ua56643b6dd532a9b5693d8ada09863a7:active , .ua56643b6dd532a9b5693d8ada09863a7:hover { opacity: 1; transition: opacity 250ms; webkit-transition: opacity 250ms; background-color: #2C3E50; } .ua56643b6dd532a9b5693d8ada09863a7 .centered-text-area { width: 100%; position: relative ; } .ua56643b6dd532a9b5693d8ada09863a7 .ctaText { border-bottom: 0 solid #fff; color: #2980B9; font-size: 16px; font-weight: bold; margin: 0; padding: 0; text-decoration: underline; } .ua56643b6dd532a9b5693d8ada09863a7 .postTitle { color: #FFFFFF; font-size: 16px; font-weight: 600; margin: 0; padding: 0; width: 100%; } .ua56643b6dd532a9b5693d8ada09863a7 .ctaButton { background-color: #7F8C8D!important; color: #2980B9; border: none; border-radius: 3px; box-shadow: none; font-size: 14px; font-weight: bold; line-height: 26px; moz-border-radius: 3px; text-align: center; text-decoration: none; text-shadow: none; width: 80px; min-height: 80px; background: url(; position: absolute; right: 0; top: 0; } .ua56643b6dd532a9b5693d8ada09863a7:hover .ctaButton { background-color: #34495E!important; } .ua56643b6dd532a9b5693d8ada09863a7 .centered-text { display: table; height: 80px; padding-left : 18px; top: 0; } .ua56643b6dd532a9b5693d8ada09863a7 .ua56643b6dd532a9b5693d8ada09863a7-content { display: table-cell; margin: 0; padding: 0; padding-right: 108px; position: relative; vertical-align: middle; width: 100%; } .ua56643b6dd532a9b5693d8ada09863a7:after { content: ""; display: block; clear: both; } READ: Past imperfect Essay For Arena Stages Douglas C. Wager and Remains Theatres Larry Sloan, there is a fundamental edginess at the heart of the piece. According to Wager, the play is deeply angry and deeply cynical on a number of fronts. Thats the very contemporary thing about it. Theres absolutely no ray of light for the democratic process. Sloan finds it highly cynicalwritten at a time when public cynicism toward its leaders was as high as it is today. He notes that you didnt see this surge of interest in the piece during the Reagan era, when it was morning in America all day long for eight long years. And yet for David Moreland, directing the play with a cast of 13 augmented by puppets, cardboard cutouts and plenty of a vista costume changes at the Bloomsburg Theatre Ensemble, there is nothing bitter or cynical or angry about it; it pokes fun at everybody without offending anybody. Moreland finds the whimsical spirit of the Jazz Age, tempered by the economic problems of the Depression to be the guiding tone of the work. And Peter mark Schifter is determined that his Cleveland Play House production will be funny and brightI dont want it to get bitter. That was territory that Kaufman and Gershwin explored in Let Em Eat Cake, where they went over the edge. Schifter recalls a conversation with Representative Barney Frank of Massachusetts in which Frank characterized politicians as simultaneously tough, cynical and optimistic about America, and the director hopes that this same union of seeming opposites will ensure that on his stage the tone that emerges is a belief in our country. Bitter or optimistic, cynical or whimsical? Perhaps the mark of a substantial work of art is its capacity to stimulateand toleratea variety of responses. WHETHER PITCHED IN A MAJOR or minor key, however, there is one inescapable fact about Of Thee I Sing: its big. The original cast numbered some 60 actors, singers and dancers, as well as a featured band. Even in its palmiest days, all LORT would have collectively quailed at the weekly payroll of such a behemoth. Not surprisingly, each of the four current productions has found ways to realize the energy and style of the piece with substantially reduced forces. Necessity being the mother of convention, both Wager and Moreland are employing actor-manipulated puppet heads to fill out the nine Supreme Court justices. Wager, inspired perhaps by the success of the two-piano Most Happy Fella, and seeing the piece as belonging to the tradition of political cabaret (I started to think, he notes, that it should be something like a cross between That Was the Week That Was and Gilbert and Sullivan), commissioned such an arrangement from Russell Warner, supporting an ensemble of 24 actors. Larry Sloan will fill his 250-seat thrust-stage space with a cast of 25, using two pianos assisted by percussion. The Bloomsburg groups cast of 13 will sing to music director Bill Deckers piano/sampler/percussion accompaniment. Schifters Cleveland production is probably the closest to a revivalist mounting, both in scal e and aesthetic approach. Im not a particularly conceptual director, Schifter comments, but anyway why would you do that with this show? He has at his disposal the seemingly standard 25 actors, but he adds a pit orchestra of two pianos and eight to ten other players. We couldnt really get any more people on stage, he says. Of course I kept offering to cut some stuff and they kept saying no, no, no so I guess this had better be a hit. The Roman satirist Juvenalwhose name is remembered in an adjective describing a particularly bitter strain of the genreonce said, Difficile est saturam non scribereit is hard not to write satire. The form flourishes in those ages that see commonsensical realities drowned in an inflationary tide of rhetoricwhen the Emperors nakedness becomes visible to most and strenuously denied by some. It is a genre that Americans have not traditionally embraced or excelled at, perhaps because of the innate (though embattled) optimism of our national project. Imperial Rome, France from Louis XIV to the Revolution, the England of Walpole (and incidentally Pope and Swift and Fielding)these decadent societies inspired satirists in every literary form. There is an antisatiric strain in America, an attitude that almost seems to say dont make fun. Our collective national parents have taught us that if we dont have anything nice to say, we shouldnt say anything at all. .u2d61cb365ff9504eded2391f0f6a4b56 , .u2d61cb365ff9504eded2391f0f6a4b56 .postImageUrl , .u2d61cb365ff9504eded2391f0f6a4b56 .centered-text-area { min-height: 80px; position: relative; } .u2d61cb365ff9504eded2391f0f6a4b56 , .u2d61cb365ff9504eded2391f0f6a4b56:hover , .u2d61cb365ff9504eded2391f0f6a4b56:visited , .u2d61cb365ff9504eded2391f0f6a4b56:active { border:0!important; } .u2d61cb365ff9504eded2391f0f6a4b56 .clearfix:after { content: ""; display: table; clear: both; } .u2d61cb365ff9504eded2391f0f6a4b56 { display: block; transition: background-color 250ms; webkit-transition: background-color 250ms; width: 100%; opacity: 1; transition: opacity 250ms; webkit-transition: opacity 250ms; background-color: #95A5A6; } .u2d61cb365ff9504eded2391f0f6a4b56:active , .u2d61cb365ff9504eded2391f0f6a4b56:hover { opacity: 1; transition: opacity 250ms; webkit-transition: opacity 250ms; background-color: #2C3E50; } .u2d61cb365ff9504eded2391f0f6a4b56 .centered-text-area { width: 100%; position: relative ; } .u2d61cb365ff9504eded2391f0f6a4b56 .ctaText { border-bottom: 0 solid #fff; color: #2980B9; font-size: 16px; font-weight: bold; margin: 0; padding: 0; text-decoration: underline; } .u2d61cb365ff9504eded2391f0f6a4b56 .postTitle { color: #FFFFFF; font-size: 16px; font-weight: 600; margin: 0; padding: 0; width: 100%; } .u2d61cb365ff9504eded2391f0f6a4b56 .ctaButton { background-color: #7F8C8D!important; color: #2980B9; border: none; border-radius: 3px; box-shadow: none; font-size: 14px; font-weight: bold; line-height: 26px; moz-border-radius: 3px; text-align: center; text-decoration: none; text-shadow: none; width: 80px; min-height: 80px; background: url(; position: absolute; right: 0; top: 0; } .u2d61cb365ff9504eded2391f0f6a4b56:hover .ctaButton { background-color: #34495E!important; } .u2d61cb365ff9504eded2391f0f6a4b56 .centered-text { display: table; height: 80px; padding-left : 18px; top: 0; } .u2d61cb365ff9504eded2391f0f6a4b56 .u2d61cb365ff9504eded2391f0f6a4b56-content { display: table-cell; margin: 0; padding: 0; padding-right: 108px; position: relative; vertical-align: middle; width: 100%; } .u2d61cb365ff9504eded2391f0f6a4b56:after { content: ""; display: block; clear: both; } READ: Jane Greenwood: the making of a mentor EssayBut the satiric impulse will not be silenced, and in times of crisis or torpor, when pomposities need pricking or lies unmasking, Juvenals words ring true again. In 1992, as in 1931, we contemplate our destiny through the medium of our politics. It is hard not to write satire. And it is hard to imagine a more engaging or timely theatrical essay in the form than Of Thee I Sing.

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Get Top-Notch Academic Papers From Experts

Get Top-Notch Academic Papers From Experts Do you have urgent tasks? Is your assignment complicated that you do not understand how to start it? We are a reputable company that can assist you. We have experts in all fields. They are experienced and have the required qualifications for this type of work. Each of our professionals is an expert in a specific industry, and we consider that when assigning work. Would you love to improve your academic performance? Contact us and enjoy the following benefits on top of quality work: Urgent orders We understand that students can, at times, need services with a fast turnaround. Our company takes care of this by giving your project to a skilled yet fast writer who can handle your work between 3-6 hours based on the workload. However, you may have to pay more for urgent orders. You will pay a fair price when you give us orders with a longer deadline. Strict anti-plagiarism policy Our core objective is to give our clients quality work. We will pass the task through a plagiarism checker before submitting it to you to make sure it is 100% unique. Why Students Ask Us For Help on How to Write an Analytical Essay Students face various challenges in their course of study. One of the significant difficulties includes submitting their academic assignments on time. You may fail to present your work on time because you lack the right skills or realize that you have no idea on how to tackle an analytical task. That is why we offer services that give value for money. We never miss a deadline, and in case you feel that your content needs a few changes, it will be done for free until you are completely satisfied. How to Start an Analytical Essay: Guidelines From Experts There are always dos and donts in everything. Its a no exception in writing an analytical essay. How to start your work determines a lot about its quality. Students tend to be blank, with no idea of where to begin. First of all, before you start composing your project, you should thoroughly understand what your assignment is all about. In simple terms, ask yourself What is an analytical essay? Like any other work, your paper should be structured in three main parts: the introduction, the body and finally, the concluding paragraph, which is mainly a summary of the main points. The introduction should always aim at getting the readers to be interested in what you are writing. The first sentence should capture the readers attention. It must, therefore, be surprising and exciting. Which ways can you hook the reader? You can add a rhetorical question that drives the reader into thinking in a specific way. Secondly, you can include a controversial statement as this gives a reader the urge to know how you are going to support it or how unique your idea is. Thirdly, the student can think of presenting some relevant statistics related to the topic. It is from this introductory statement that the reader can judge if you know how to write a good analytical essay. Next, add a thesis statement. After ensuring that you have a hook that will engage the reader, you need to make a strong claim. The thesis statement should be clear. Structure of Paragraphs From a Professional Point of View In an essay, the thesis statement should be backed up to prove your claims. In this part, a lot of research should be done to get data and facts. The study should support and answer all questions relating to what you are analyzing, be it a book, a film or any other academic work. How you present these ideas is also very important. For instance, make the paragraphs have flow and make sure each section consist of three essential sets of sentences. First, always write the topic sentence. Secondly, have sentences with claims and use evidence to support those claims. These can be three or even more but should not make the paragraph too lengthy. Write the main ideas precisely and avoid beating around the bush. Finally, have a concluding statement that connects what you have discussed in that paragraph and how it relates to the topic sentence. After you have presented your main ideas in the body, one more paragraph is needed to wrap up your main statements: the conclusion. It should not bring out any new thoughts and should not be a direct copy of what you have said in the body. You can relate this to the real world and maybe finish with a quote. The concluding paragraph is just a brief explanation of how to write an analytical essay step by step as it summarizes the main points. Tips for Writing an Analytical Essay from Our Experts Besides knowing what you need to talk about, students need to understand and make use of some tips to ensure they present flawless work. These tips do not just make your work quality, but also give you an easy time to structure and present your content the ideal way. Note that the structure is as important as the ideas to be displayed. Know the Objectives of the Analysis Beforehand First of all, you must know the goal of your analytical paper before you begin to write. Let your intentions be precise, so you do not have to outline lots of irrelevant information. Knowing objectives helps present arguments and claims on what you are analyzing. Ideas can be broken down. Evidence is then researched and written down. Your lecturer can choose a topic for you, or it can be left up to you. If its upon you, the better. Makes sure you decide what you are more conversant about. For instance, in the case of a film, choose the character that motivates you more. Selecting a passionate topic eases your work, and makes it easier to know how to begin an analytical essay. Brainstorm and Select a Thesis Statement Choosing a thesis statement can also be challenging for unskilled students. First, give yourself time to brainstorm and outline ideas of your topic of interest. Pick the main concepts and any texts surrounding it and do not be too quick to dispel other notions that seem unimportant. Always ensure that you have evidence for what you are presenting. You, therefore, need to dedicate plenty of time to collect this information. Lacking evidence makes your work feel like an opinion which can result in you getting low scores. It is therefore essential to gather credible sources and structure of an analytical essay. Contact Us for All Your Academic Needs Our writer will take time to think about the topics you have presented to us. You, therefore, do not have to rush, pressure yourself or mess your grades by submitting tasks that do not meet the required quality and standards. Get in touch with our experts and get tips on how to make an analytical essay that will improve your academic performance. Call us now.

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Developing yourself and others Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Developing yourself and others - Coursework Example I always wanted to be a leader, and therefore, I attempted to make some sort of headway in this regard as well, but I failed miserably due to my raw nature of the communication skills. I am looking to have a career in human and social sciences, and in those fields, one has to have great interpersonal skills before he or she can professionally thrive and develop. The goal of this plan is to develop my powers to influence others, and I want to accomplish my goals and objectives through them. The manager has to be a leader as well in the modern times. I will however not go behind traditional jobs, and I am planning to be an entrepreneur in the industry of fast food2. The prices of meals are increasing with the passage of time, and therefore, even in America, people are finding it hard to keep their bellies full. The capitalistic mindset is robbing people from their competencies in order to fulfill fiscal goals and objectives that hardly qualify as ethically and humanly right, but the world is running to create profit all the time. The humanistic values are dying out, and I want to make a difference in this world by providing the poor with food and beverages at a lower cost. The customers are going to be able to open credit lines with the store so that they can pay at the end of each month. In this way, they will never experience hunger as a result of empty pocket. The evolution of entrepreneurship into a socialistic notion needs the people like me in order to expand deep and wide in the nations of the world because social workers do not work to earn a living, but they do that in order to serve the humanity3. The business professionals have to exert themselves so that they can attain some kind of higher purpose in life, and when they succeed in this regard then, they will attain the lower on es as well. The businesses have to go beyond the requirement of

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Formal analysis essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Formal analysis - Essay Example Edgar Degas was an artist who was famous for his paintings, sculptures, prints and drawings that depicted his passion that was mainly in dance. Edgar Degas was a French renowned artist and although he is regarded as one of the founders of impressionism he regarded himself as a realist. Impressionism was drawn from realism and although he may have refuted the claim he stands out as one of the best impressionists of his time(Guggenheim, 2015). He was perfect in depicting movement on majority of his artwork and had a passion in music that he clearly highlighted through the different pieces of art that he made over the years. Most of Edgar’s work was not publicly acknowledged until after his death when the paintings were later spread to different museums around the world. The art pieces were mainly focused on the high members of the society as he would make pieces where the members were enjoying themselves in operas and other gathering places such as the cafà ©. The interest and fascination in music and making artwork pieces that depicted movement is however fascinating as he looked to make the pieces that were mainly focused on different art forms. Edgar had a fascination with the Ballet dancers of the opera that he drew inspiration from while he also captured and made sculptures of women nudity when washing and drying their bodies(Guggenheim, 2015). Upon his death in 1917, many of his pieces of sculpture were found dilapidated in his studio made from plasticize, wax and clay but were later casted for preservations and shipped to some of the leading museums in the world(Guggenheim, 2015). Although he disliked the tag given to him as the impressionist or as the original contributor of impressionism in art some of his best works came when he was leading a group of impressionists and was looking for the money to help and sustain himself. Edgar had sold his father’s house and some of his paintings and paid off his brother’s debt to

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Studying The Social Problems Of Racism Philosophy Essay

Studying The Social Problems Of Racism Philosophy Essay This essay discusses about an important social problem of nowadays society, about the roots, beginnings of racism. During this essay you will found that racism is taught, not genetic, and all this beginning from childs early ages, you could find some statement which influence in a bad way youre your childs life or why white parents avoid black children adoptions and in final youll find also an important solution, for me, the most important in solving this problem. So, you could find some interesting things about Romanian racism in general and some other facts you should avoid, in order to offer youre child a better life without discrimination. Even now after all the racial disasters (like Auschwitz), race remains a big moral, social and political problem of our world used by political system, in order to make distinctions between whites and people of color. And this problem has a very bad influence in our childrens life, as Gerald Pine and Asa Hilliard stats: Racism, prejudice, and discrimination are shamefully sabotaging our nations efforts to provide a high-quality education for all children (1990:1) First, we should talk about racism in general, in order to have a good view on what we are going to talk forward. Racism is a bad combination between prejudice and discrimination. Prejudice consists of unjustifiable negative feelings and beliefs about a racial or ethnic group and its members. It is characterized by preconceived opinions, judgments or feelings that lack any foundation or substance. Discrimination consists of unjustifiable negative behavior toward a racial or ethnic group and its members. It expresses itself in distinctions and decisions made on the basis of prejudice. (Pine Asa 1990:2) Racism is a psycho-social problem which exists for centuries and people, even if they know is not good, they continue to be racist, and their biggest problem is that they deny being so. There are many definitions of racism, but here are two important ones. Laszloffy and Hardy in Uncommon Strategies for a Common Problem: Addressing Racism in Family Therapy states that Racism is an act that denies a person or humane group treatment or a fair opportunity because of racial bias. While it may occur on different levels (individual level or institutional level) and in different ways (overtly or covertly, intentionally or unintentionally), all expressions of racism are rooted in an ideology of racial superiority/inferiority that assumes some racial groups are superior to others, and therefore deserve preferential treatment. (35). Another definition would be: Racism, also called racialism, represents any action, practice, or belief that reflects the racial worldview- the ideology that humans are divided into separate and exclusive biological entities called races, that there is a causal link between inherited physical traits of personality, intellect, morality, and other cultural behavioral features, and that some races are innately superior to others (Audrey 2010). So, from all this, we can realize that racism is an act of cowardly, which is adopted by people with bad intentions and who dont really have arguments for being racist. Racism has its original roots in history, and this because of wars, another example could be the New World, conquered by Europeans, when they forced black people from Africa to go to America where they became slaves, or other example, more recently, the Jewish from Auschwitz which were killed because of their religion, and the examples could go on, but we are not going to talk about this anymore. But, even knowing all that, people arent aware of the negative aspects of racism and continue being racist and denying it, with words like: Im not racist, but Chinese people are the ugliest faces Ive ever seen, or something like that. We have to admit that whatever the reason, we are racist, but things can change. We can improve our lifestyle if we have wish, and we should have in order to offer our children another vision of life. On the other hand, we must admit that racist people are those with lack of education, but this is the education we use too, in order to teach our children what is good or bad. We hear every day on television anti-racist slogans but we pretend we didnt hear it as we pretend when we hear bad accidents having place, in schools, because of racial problems. Our society has became very indifferent on taking into consideration others problems, and they weak up only when they are in trouble and blame the others for not advising them before. This is a message for everyone who wants to take it into account, and this would be: Racism in not genetic, it is learned from childhood until forever. So, parents should take into account the life they want for their children. Nowadays, childrens life is full of racism; this thing is learned by different ways and by different people from their life. We should start with the babys first steps, when he is taught the basics, and here we can found many racist things. For example, many parents use different statements in order to reflect the bad influence of gypsies in whites world. Statements like: Do not spit like gypsies!, Those moneys were touched by gypsies and you stick them into your mouth! What disgusting! or even worse If youre not good Ill sell you to gypsies are used in everyday life in order to break children of a bad habit and with or without intention, parents also promote and approve racism, by teaching those that gypsies are bad. By this, the bases of racism are well constructed by parents and since children are taught racism before getting to school, parents should be more careful on what they say and what they do and ask themselves if racism is the best solution in learning their children basi cs and behavior. If we go forward in childrens life, at the time when they go outside to play with other children, we see that they are taught another racist rule very known in everydays life of whites in Romania and this rule says something like that: Do not play with gipsy children!. This is a very popular rule of moms and also an unbreakable one. This statement was once even mentioned in a television and radio campaign named: The discrimination of gypsies is taught at home! Know them before you judge them!(Banescu 2009). The spot of the campaign is about a Romanian kid who goes outside to play with his friend (a gypsy kid) and after he comes home is asked by his white racist mother about what he has done outside, and he answers that he had played out alone. So, we should thing a little about the gypsys life, because today all children have the right to be equal, but gypsy children still have to try hard in order to find themselves a place in societyà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‚ ¦.their hopes would be the same as the hopes of white children when Romanian moms wont threaten their sons that if they arent good, they would be thrown up at gypsies, and when gypsy moms wont tell their sons that it has no point in dreaming to follow a university because they dont have how to face Romanians. (Banescu 2009). Another imposed thing in childrens life is related this time with the teachers. After giving their sons at school, moms become hysterically on hearing that their son is placed in the same seat with a gypsy child. And because of this type of people, racism grows faster and has many other negative aspects for non-white people like the elimination of colored children from sport clubs, and other extra-school activities. And very often you find examples of children saying to gypsy children that they are not allowed to talk to him because he was a brown kid. (Wallace 2008 b) Those are only a few of the basic racism things learned by white children at home, which are rotten in childhood and are never forgotten, because they only grow faster and faster. And this happens because almost all white children are taught at home how to be racist in a conscious or unconscious way and after they go to school they put in practice everything they learned at home, and because of this children make groups and make jokes of different children, like colored children or they would even say hurtful thing about the others, in order to be funny. But what is also interesting is that even if exist one white child that was not taught to be racist at home, he will soon be learned by his other colleagues how to be so. And some of the parents would blame teachers for the racism which exists in schools, but once the children are taught to be racist, the teachers cant do anything to break them from this habit if parents do not cared about this when they taught them. Another interesting issue about children racism would be the adoptions of a colored child by white parents. This is a big problem of nowadays society, because the cases of gypsy, blacks, yellow or other racial adoption are just a few. This happens because of some ideologies or preconceptions of adoptive parents which put some conditions when they adopt a child, and those conditions would be: first the child have to be healthy and the second, the child must be white, there are few cases in which the adoptive parents ask for a gypsy child. Those type of parents which avoid the adoption of a gypsy child are afraid of the others reactions in doing it, thinking that their friends or their relatives would criticized them or would not accept their son in their group, or other reaction would be that they are afraid for little child to not inherit their parents bad character. Gypsy children deserve a chance, but they have to deal with mass-media, which is often condemning. We hope people woul d become more sensitive and tolerant in understanding that they have the same rights as the others.(Stoler, 2008 a) From all this we should remain with the fact that racism is learned and not genetic and as we can learn to be racist we can learn how not to be racist, and we should improve our behavior not just for us, but for our childrens education and for their and our future too. And all this comes because some people just abuse of their rights in an almost free world, were they start bravely discriminating someone elses human rights, and this breaking of rule has no direct or legal punishment on those who are consciously racist. Some solutions for this problem, in which before school children become racist, exist, but they stay in parents hands, by this they should understand that depends of them if they want a racist child or a good and well educated one. In what follows it will be presented only one of the solutions, the most important one. This solution would be communication, a very important issues in the relation child-parents, because of whom, other, even worse, problems appear in childs life. Communication means everything when you try to educate you child, and it must be made the distinction between good communication and order, or command, which is the worst communication, because is not the same to tell you child: Do not be racist! and when he asks you why, you respond to him: because I said so as to communicate to him and tell him which are the positive and negative aspects of racism and make him understand and also let him choose what he thinks is right or wrong. Children always have the intention and want to be brave by breaking the rule, so, if you give him orders, you wont get any results. Parents should communicate with their sons in order to improve their education, and they should tell their sons that different isnt necessarily wrong and people just need variety, but no matter how different we are outsi de or what color our skin has, our souls do not have to be bad. What is also important is that not only white children must be taught not to be racist, colored children must also be informed to not listen to others jokes or hurtful word, in order to not become a victim. They should be learned how to protect themselves and how to they turn respect the other children, which are not the same color as them. Communication about those problems we can find anywhere: in mass-media, school, social meetings, but neither one has a big influence in childrens life as communication in family. Communication about racial problems means also that parents of colored children should get involved in their child problems and lifestyle. Parents need to discuss early on with their child about race and should even be aware that their son would found out from his classmates or other strangers what is racism, and is better to prevent this before is too late. They are a lot of other solutions, but this is the most important, because you can do all the rest, but if you, as parent, do not communicate with your child, nobody would do it for you, and most important, the problem would never disappear and your children would have to face this problem alone. In defense of colored discriminations come those people which say that they do not have anything with other races, but they hate gypsies because of their attitude, behavior and because of those who beg on streets. Maybe some would even agree this statement, but we have to put a question: Do we choose our family, race or nation before we get birth? Well the answer is negative, which means that gypsy children have no fault, and we must judge them for their behavior and for what they are, not by race or religion. Racial problems are very popular in our country and this because of mass-media, which presents a lot of facts and anti-racial campaigns, in order to stop those people, which do not care about the others. In order to stop this, we all should think twice before saying something that could offend the others. So, racism in childrens life should be stopped, in order to attend for a better world, for a world and a country where all could live in peace and harmony.

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Payment security Essay

A business going online can face many diffuculties. These problems include payment security; unfamiliar markets; errors in ordering; loss of personal information; hostile attacks; keeping the website up-to-date; language problems/issues; hardware failure; staffing issues and financial issues. Payment Security When a customer buys a product by either debt or credit card they are be trusting the business with their personal details to be kept safe and confidentioal. Sellers are also not safe because they could be a victim of Card Not Present (CNP) fraud, this is where someone is using someone else’s card details to buy goods online. They may not have the card physically on them, but all they need is just the details of the card to be able to purchase. This can be kept safe by specific security standards. SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) this encrypts the information in a browser eg: Internet Explorer which protects the consumers who can see a padlock symbol and also a ‘https’ on the address bar.SET (Secure Electronic Transfer) also protects the seller since the credit card company authorises the card to prove that the person using the card is legitimate. The seller does not know the card number, only to the card’s issuing bank. Unfamiliar Markets This is where a website is available everywhere and the company could be dealing with consumers in unfamiliar markets. Also with different cultural expectations, accuring with unfamiliar regulations and also legal requirements should be dealt with. The business may not understand the popularity of its website, or the number of orders it will receive or even the costs of running the online operations or more so the distributing goods. If the business doesn’t meet orders promptly it will rapidly lose customers and may even be left with unsold stock or even struggle to repay money borrowed to be able to finance the website development. Errors in ordering Order forms online are to be designed to automatically check fot any errors by questioning unexpected entries and boxes left blank. Also they should be designed to remind the consumer if they leave out any information Loss of personal information An online compay is not allowed to put private information on its website or reveal customer details to other customers or viewers. This is why websites include a privacy policy which says how customer information is used by only the business. All companys that keep and also process private information must register with the Information Commissioner’s Office and have to follow with the Data Protection Act 1998 which means that the data must be all accurate, secure and should not be kept for longer than necessary. There are manu aways data can be lost like through human error, hardware failure, or loss or theft and software corruption as well as computer virus. A daily system back-ups a business to enable the reinstall in its system within 24 hours of any problem occurring. Hostile attacks Business are vulnerable to hackers or other types of cybercrime. Financial fraud occurs when a customer or business is denied of money that is theirs. Keeping the website up-to-date Businessess need to update their website from time to time to make sure that the information they have is accurate and reliable eg: product descriptions and prices. All companies have a legal requirement to provide pricise and up to date information. Most websites have a disclaimer clause to protect the problem if a customer takes action based on wrong information. Language problems/issues Some buyers from multinational online business may not understand. These can be fixed by the firms using a local agent who specialises in overseas sales or they can have enquiries translated by an expert. Hardware failure All people who use computers depend on their Internet Service Provider. If that is lost, then it can cause many problems for the business especially if it’s offline for long. Many businesses have back-up servers that they can switch if one server goes down. Software problems may be caused by programming errors or through a virus. To stop this the, business installs an anti-virus software and network security. Staffing Issues Staff may be concerned that their jobs could be changed or disappear. Most companises have a call centre to answer customer queries. The staff now may feel that they may not have much personal contact with consumers as they now can order things online or email the company if they want information or they could contact a call centre if they have a question. Financial Issues Having to set up a small website can be done not very high priced but companies who like to carry out big amounts of companies online or use their website as a extreamly important way of promoting their business can be expensive. Also, having to calculate the estimated financial benefits is hard. The set-up expenses includes having to register the domain name, to be able to arrang for an ISP to host the site (if not being done in-house), having to pay the agency having specialists to design the website, the marketing and promotional costs (so that potential customers can acknowledge the website) and is nessary any staff training requirements. All companies go online to make more trade. There may be a problem if there is a massive flow of interest in the business. This could cause the site to crash or can make it run slowly and if there is not much stock or very few staff to process them, then the orders and enquiries may not be dealt with. Just simply by buying more stock or even employing more staff could result in a bad cash-flow problems. If the business gets a bad reputation online, it will lose customers rather than gain any. Task 2 (P6, M2) Business benefits The market research information from online enquires are all obtained and looked over for many different reasons. The logs and cookies collect all the information on site usage; eventhough users can see their browsers to close the cookies and also many sites don’t use them. Logs, however, are made by all websites this is because they are the records that are created by the web server. Records include the number of hits it has made, the number of visitors it had or even unique users to a website, and how long they have stayed on the site. Some ISPs look at their log file data for consumers while others provide a software and the compnay produces its own reports. Registration forms also allowe the business to find out about the who is  visiting their site, where the peson lives and also what they need. The onnline market research can go from small pop-up questionnaires (which assess a user’s online experience) to produce longer customer service questionnaires which is sent by email and then once they are completed, they are looked at to provide more market information. The website activity software finds which search engines get customers onto the website; also which pages are popular and also which landing pages result in users going off the website eg: a lengthy form or even registration page. Having access to a whole new markets can include having a remote locations such as rural areas or even Highlands and the Islands of Scotland (if they have Internet access). A new markets could also have customers which have disabilities who may have problems(mobility) or customers who are recovering from surgery or who camt go out as they are ill with a cold or flu. So having the internet provides easy and quicker access to a large range of information and fine priced products from their own homes. Under the Disability Discrimination Act, people in charge of websites are to have legal duty to make sure that the services they give on the Internet is available for disabled people. Customers which have travel difficulties e.g. mothers with young babies, the elderly. Meaning that the customers will not be able to go the shops physically as to the inconvenience it would cause them so it would be suitable for them to buy online. It would also be quicker and easier to buy things online and also receive information from the Internet. Having access from a wide range of devices can also make site be viewed from anywhere. Phones with internet accses, laptops and a Wi-Fi hotspot when they are not at home. Customer Benefits Having a wider choice is a great benefit for people who live in small town or even rural areas as they are able to view information online and they can also see what goods are available in store as they don’t live in places the stores aren’t available. Convenience is a massive benefit because having the internet, it is more easier to search and to order online than to have to travel to the shop. All online businesses are also very beneficial to the people who come home late from their work or those who are simply too busy in the day to shop. Websites that are available 24/7 helps those who are  busy as it would be easier for them to order online to make their life less stress. It also benefits busy families as all they need to so is simply sit with their computer/phone/laptop and just shop there and then. People with disabilities or special needs can also benefit from the online businesses as they also don’t have to go to the shops for hours just to look for one thing as they may get tired, so online businesses make their life easier. There are several ways to pay securely eg: over the internet, through log details and PayPal. Task 3 (D2) Risks Solutions Payment security Improving the security of the cardholder – they have entered the correct pin number, also asking them what their last payment on the card was to make sure it is the actual cardholder before any confirmations Unfamiliar markets Having an option where your website is available in many different languages . Also having the currency of different countries. Errors in ordering Having a database where you can store all the customers’ details eg: name, address, order and shipping date this will prevent any mix up with the orders. Making sure all the correct orders are going to the right address, the staff should always double check before they ship goods and also after the delivery; staff should alwaysa ask the customer if they ordered the goods. Loss of personal information Websites should never put personal information on the website as other users can see. All personal deatils should be kept confidential. Do not give personal information in emails and all customer details should be all kept in a secure files or database. Not keeping the website up to date If there is a new offer, or even price reduction, websites should include or change it in their website. In order for them to achieve this, the owner of  the website will have to check up on the website everyday for atleast a few hours to sort any latest information out and to also keep customers update to their products. If they do this, websites will become known for its reliability. Hardware failure Backup server is when the main server is down it can help prevent any hardware failure. Also making sure you have antivirus on the website and a network security which helps because there could be programming errors or even viruses that could potentionally change or delete information. Staffing issues In call centres, the staff can offer a call centre in which it support people and also trained staff can talk to customers so they can resolve any faults or connection problems. To get aways from having not much of personal contact with customers, staff should always stay and help the customers out. If they start off helping at first they then can build a better trust with them. Staff can also keep in touch with the customers and also stay with them until all their purchase is complete. To avoid any staff being unable to work with the technology, you can make sure all staff are capable with all the latest technology. Financial issues Having a small business can be a good thing as you won’t have to be spending as much money and you would also have a bigger income in which it can help you expand your business and it can also prevent you from having any financial issues in the future. If you start with a big business, you may not be getting much interaction and instead of making any profit, you’ll be making a loss instead. Therefore, starting out as a small business is the best way to avoid any financial issues. The business may think to much for their stock where there is not much for it this can impact on the company as it then will be making a loss. To prevent any of this, you may want to estimate very logically and sensibly. Payment Security This method help as you are able to know for sure who you are actually dealing with the real cardholder and to also avoid any fraud. The  likeliness of the problem going down is high as you will need a pin number as well as a security question if you are to forget it. Unfamiliar markets This method helps as it is available to different people all around the world. The likeliness of the problem going down is likely as you are sure that you have the option available just in case you do get someone not from the country that is viewing website. Errors in ordering The solution to having errors in ordering will decrease the risk as having a database with the customer’s name, an order and a order number and address will reduce the risk. This will make sure that the staff will know exactly who is ordering and what they have bought. Loss of personal information From having anything lost it should be be stored somewhere private where it’s not available for the public eye. It can be reduced and also the effectiveness of the method is good as long as information on the business website has nothing personal and is kept private. Not keeping the website up to date Customers will know always know the latest information and changes in your business. This is very important as it will help in the success of the business going online as the customers will feel that the business is reliable and up-to-date. Hardware failure Having a hardware and protecting it well and also a back up system will be a very good way of reducing the risks from hardware. Using these methods to solve the problem is effective for a business. This will effect as having a back up copy of all the information if it gets lost or deleted. Staffing issues The method for staffing issues are that the staff are able to communicate better with the customers and also have more of a personal approach with them, e.g. emailing requesting orders or deliveries. With the solution it is likely that the risk will reduce if staff has a personal email in which they are able to contact customers individually. Financial issues To not have problems of facing financial issues, by starting a small business instead of a large one can still be very beneficial. It is very likely that a business will not go into financial issues and will also not have to suffer from.

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Business proposal for Papadeaux

Pudenda is a successful upscale casual restaurant concept with a loyal following. But no restaurant is immune to the highly competitive climate of the industry. Recent studies have shown the upscale casual segment losing market share to both fast and traditional casual restaurants. They also show that consumers find value in upscale casual dining by weighing the food quality and the overall experience against the relatively higher price (Techno, Inc. 2013). We analyzed customer reviews to discern what Pederasty's guests are responding to In terms of value. Based on this analysis, customers respond overwhelmingly positively to food quality, and food quality Is the most critical factor In their value calculation. Price Is still an issue, even those delighted by food quality comment on high prices. Customer comments also suggest that portion sizes may be overly large, and that the investment in large portions is out of step with its importance to the guests.Pudenda may benefit from feat uring new menu items with reduced portion and price. Such offerings at other restaurants have led to increased traffic, revenue, and per person average (APP) (Jennings 2008). . Industry background Casual dining has grown over the last thirty years along with tremendous growth in American's restaurant spending. Half of every food dollar In this country is spent in restaurants, which Is double the spending level In the ass's (Pocket Fastback, 2013). The recession has made a competitive Industry even more competitive.A recent Techno survey on casual dining revealed a three tiered system divided Into fast casual, traditional casual, and upscale casual, with consumers trading up and down between these levels based on their needs and perceptions of value. 5% of those surveyed reported visiting a fast casual restaurant in the past month, 80% had visited a traditional casual restaurant, and 40% reported eating at an upscale casual restaurant. 41% of those surveyed reported finding value in upscale casual when weighing food quality and overall experience against the relatively higher price (Techno, Inc. 2013). The issue for operators in upscale casual is getting consumers to trade up, and to trade up more frequently. 3. Pudenda Seafood Kitchen Pappas Restaurants began In 1 966, when brothers Chris and Harris Pappas opened Dot's Coffee Shop In Houston. Today they operate over eighty restaurants across an array of concepts Including BBC, Tex-Meg, and fine dining. All Pappas restaurants are guided by the Standards of Excellence: Providing superior quality food, providing Kitchen, founded in 1986, is an upscale casual dining restaurant featuring gulf coast seafood and Cajun dishes.It has become the company's largest concept, and is set to absorb Pappas Seafood House, the company's first upscale casual seafood concept, growing its size in the Houston area by five stores. 4. Review Analysis 4. 1 . Methodology One of the most influential ways information is transmitted is wor d-of-mouth (Manikin & Goods, 2002). Word-of-month has an effect on not only potential customers, but also the satisfaction level of current guests. One of the most powerful methods to generate word-of-mouth is online customer review (Dollars, 2003). A total of 441 postings from Yelp. Mom made between September 2012 and September 2013 for all Pudenda locations, were reviewed for this analysis. Chin et al. (2004) found that recommendations have a positive relationship with sales, while consumer ratings were shown to be unrelated. Therefore our analysis focused on content rather than ratings. Content was divided into four main categories: food, service, value and environment/atmosphere. Each of these was further divided into subcategories, which were then coded positive or negative based on comment content. 4. 2. Food Food was the most commented on of the major categories.As displayed in Figure 2, the response to food quality was overwhelmingly positive. Comments such as, â€Å"the co cktail shrimp is well seasoned and super fresh,† â€Å"Just about everything on the menu is delicious,† and â€Å"the crayfish fondue is amazing as well as everything on the menu,† indicate that the customers are not only satisfied but also highly delighted. There were more positive comments on food than comments in any of the other categories. 4. 3. Service Restaurants always receive both positive and negative comments and Pudenda is not an exception.A calculation of the number of positive and negative comments on service, however, shows customers are mostly satisfied by the service. Over 75 percent of comments are positive (see Figure 3). Based on the graph and actual comments, we concluded that the gap between expectation and service delivery is mall in Pudenda case. 4. 4. Environment When commenting on environment and atmosphere, guests tended to be less specific when they were positive. Negative comments focused on noise level, crowding complaints, and wait time.The number of these complaints is relatively high compared with the number of positive comments (see Figure 4). This suggests that the atmosphere of Pudenda is more crowded and noisy than guests expect. 4. 5. Value determined by factors such as price and food quality. As seen in Figure 5, roughly half of all comments in this category stated that Pudenda is expensive. Only 37% recent of comments relate that the price is worth the overall experience, however, the percentage of comments stating that the experience is â€Å"not worth it† is much lower.While the latter two categories are mutually exclusive, significant overlap exists between both and the former category. This suggests that while guests' subjective view of value is affected by the service delivery, their objective view of price is left unaltered. 5. SOOT Analysis 5. 1 . Strengths Pederasty's greatest strength is consistently providing high quality food and service. Doing so is a stated goal of the company, and guest reviews confirm that Pudenda succeeds in following through on that goal. This achievement has garnered the concept a strong reputation.Many reviewers mentioned being repeat customers, or called the experience, â€Å"excellent as always. † This again speaks for the consistency many strive for in this industry, but few are able to attain. 5. 2. Weaknesses Pederasty's main competitive weakness is it's comparatively high prices. Providing high quality food requires an investment in quality products and labor. Seafood is often associated with high costs, because freshness is key to its quality. Additionally, he review analysis found complaints about the atmosphere.Its prices are more similar to lower end fine dining restaurants than its casual dining peers. Pudenda' more family friendly atmosphere may be at odds with what some expect from the environment when they look at the menu prices. 5. 3. Opportunities Despite high prices, Pudenda receives higher average ratings than its competitors. Its greatest opportunity lies in leveraging its high quality against competitors. Strategies that focus on attracting new customers to trade up from lower priced competitors so that they can experience the difference in quality may rove successful.Based on the high rating and positive comments from the Albuquerque and Phoenix locations, further expansion in the Southwest may be worthwhile. 5. 4. Threats Pederasty's faces threats from lower priced competitors. High price is a major component leading consumers to dine at upscale casual restaurants less frequently. Large competitors in this group, like Red Lobster, use nationwide promotions offering greater value to increase traffic at their stores. More similarly priced restaurants tend to have a different market focus, and provide a more elegant and less family oriented atmosphere. Guest Perception of Value Figure 6 GAP Analysis A GAP analysis revealed that there was little mismatch between guest expectations and per ceptions. The only area for concern was the atmosphere. As stated, complaints in this category were relatively high in proportion to positive comments, suggested the atmosphere is louder and more crowded than many guests expect. Relation to value based comments than any type of complaint about atmosphere. Further, price is important factor driving consumers to trade down in the casual dining spectrum. As recommendations are related to sales, comments about price would be taken seriously.While reviews indicate that guests are satisfied, these may not be enough. Oh (2000) found that customers' perceived value has a greater effect on their intention to return, and, more importantly has a greater effect on their long term patronage. In order to further analyze guests' perception of value, we returned to online customer reviews. This time, we focused our research on the Houston area locations. Houston was selected because it has more locations than any other area, and, as the place of it s founding, the area has the greatest familiarity with both Pudenda and the Pappas brand.We analyzed reviews from both Yelp. Com and Trip Advisor from the same time period, September 2012 through September 2013, a total of 490. Two methods were employed. First, the same coding method as before was used to compare against the early data in order to check for differences. Second, quotes relating to value were pulled from the reviews in order to better understand the range of guest attitudes and determine possible trends. The data from the content analysis was similar to what we saw previously. Roughly half of all value related comments referenced high prices.No new issues turned up in any of the other disagrees, so we proceeded to review quotes pulled from the article. 6. 1 . General Perceptions Guests tended to have a favorable impression of value while also acknowledging the high price, for example, â€Å"Pudenda is a little pricey but very good,† â€Å"The price is not low but it is worth the price for good food and service,† and â€Å"The prices are high but the food is excellent. † These responses are in line with the results from the Techno survey (2013) discussed earlier.It is important to note that over 70% of these quotes specifically mentioned food quality and linked it with a positive impression of value. 6. 2. Price and Negative Behavioral Intention Guests with a negative impression of value tended to express their view in terms of price. Quotes such as, â€Å"Overpriced but okay I guess†¦ â€Å", â€Å"†¦ Over priced mediocre food†, and â€Å"†¦ A little overpriced for what you get,† were typical of this group. In addition, negative comments about price were frequently linked with a negative behavioral intention to return.Most interesting was a subgroup of almost 30%, who specifically expressed that while satisfied, they would return less frequently due to price. Typical quotes in this range includ ed, â€Å"I'll be back but Rajah Cajun is definitely more affordable and so will be a more frequent stop for me! † and â€Å"The prices have increased steadily and I don't go as often†¦ â€Å". These quotes are representative of consumers who find value in the quality of the experience, and do trade up to upscale casual, but do so less frequently based solely on price. . 3. Food Quality as the Most Critical Factor Whether guests express a positive or negative perception of value they most frequently link value with their perception of food quality. 70% of positive value impression quotes mentioned food quality, as did 44% of the negative value laity (â€Å"WITH happened to good quality food†¦ â€Å") to those underwhelming with the quality based on price (â€Å"Decent seafood but overpriced†, â€Å"Food was fine, but the prices are nuts†), the latter being the most common.Guest comments also suggest that food quality may trump other aspects of the experience in terms of value: â€Å"Great service! Food was okay†¦ Wasn't worth the $30†, and â€Å"The waiter was nice though†¦ But that still doesn't make up for the lack in quality. † Combined with the results from the content analysis, it appears that food quality is the most critical factor for these viewers, and by extension Pederasty's guests. 6. 4. Identifying an Aspect for Improvement As mentioned previously, recommendations matter more than ratings, and recommendations are based on perceptions of value.Positive recommendations tend to be based on positive perception of food quality, however, these recommendations also tend to mention high prices. High prices are why many consumers report visiting upscale casual restaurants less frequently (Techno, Inc. , 2013), and our observations from online reviews confirm price can impact guests' stated behavioral intention. Based on this, it seems reasonable to assume that lowering prices while maintaining food quality, should lead to improved behavioral intentions and more positive recommendations.But before we explore the validity of that idea, we need to determine if there is any factor that can be changed to allow such a strategy to be entertained. Once again, we turned to the customer reviews, this time examining portion size. 6. 5. Portion Size Pappas Restaurants are known for large portions. Like food quality, it is factor into which money is invested in order to â€Å"wow† the guest. As we saw in the customer views, being â€Å"wowed† is often the line between finding value in the experience and feeling that it is overpriced.Portion size logically contributes to price; therefore we pulled quotes and analyzed them as we did with value-based quotes above. We aimed to determine if the investment in portion size was having the desired effect on guests. Not surprisingly, the reviewers found the portion size to be large: â€Å"the portions were generous†¦ â€Å", â €Å"Huge portions†, and â€Å"†¦ The baked potato is HUGE†¦ â€Å". 30% of the quotes expressed delight. These referred to portions as â€Å"ample† and â€Å"filling†, or mentioned aging a to-go box home (â€Å"l was very happy to have leftovers from this meal! ). 22% were factual statements such as, â€Å"The portion sizes are big like most restaurants in the states†¦ â€Å", or â€Å"l forgot how big the portions are†¦ â€Å". 48%, while not explicitly negative, did express that portion sizes may be overly large. Quotes like, â€Å"†¦ It was Just too big for me to finish! † suggest that portions are too large for guests to finish. One guest felt that they had â€Å"made the mistake of ordering a side salad†, because he was too full to finish his entree.In addition, guests may be lining like they are wasting food they wished to enjoy, a feeling that may be exacerbated by price (â€Å"l felt bad leaving half my lobs ter on my plate because I was full and it was a bit pricey'). Most of the quotes that fell in this category, and 39% of the overall portion size quotes, dealt with guest behaviors based on large portion have developed ordering behaviors to limit portion size, for example, â€Å"The portions are large, so I always split†, â€Å"l usually have to order a lunch size†, and â€Å"My son and I split a salad and catfish/shrimp plate. Perhaps the most important quote in this roof comes from a review posted on Yelp. Com on January fifteenth, 2013. The guest begins the review by giving background on their relationship with Pudenda: â€Å"As a Native Historian, I've enjoyed one of my family's great traditions of dining at Pudenda to celebrate most any occasion – birthdays, graduations, or Just- because-it's-the-weekends. Over the years, we've gathered at various locations throughout the greater Houston area, but as of lately, this is my frequent location of this chain. T hey go on to give a glowing paragraph long endorsement of food quality, which concludes with this quote: FYI Just about every dish here has monstrous portions so you wouldn't be the first to share a plate with someone. † The person writing this article is a champion for the Pudenda brand. She feels a connection to the concept and actively recommends visiting the restaurant. This is meaningful, because in online reviews, recommendations relate to sales, and her recommendation is to share.Guests did not link portion size to value as strongly as they did with food quality. Additionally, explicit complaints portion size was rare, including comments about portion size being too small. This suggests guests view portion size as an enhancement rather than a critical factor when calculating value. While it may be possible that large portion size contributes more greatly to guest delight and it is obscured by reviewers' choice of language, the fact that almost half of the quotes point t o portions being oversized, suggests that they are, in actuality, oversized. . Conclusion 7. 1 . Recommendation Based on our analysis of customer reviews, the investment placed into providing large portions exceeds its relative importance to guests. Guests also report that while they have a largely favorable perception of value, they still find prices to be gig. Food quality was identified by guests as the most critical factor effecting impressions of value. Figure 7 shows their relative positions in terms of investment from the company versus relative importance to guests.By decreasing portion size and lowering prices proportionally, both can be set at new, more appropriate levels without changing food quality. Figure 7 Performance vs.. Importance to Customers Similar strategies have been shown to increase traffic, revenue, and APP. In 2007, they termed â€Å"right portion, right price. † Within a year, these new items were contributing up to 15% of sales per month. They als o saw an increase in APP, as more customers were ordering appetizer and deserts.Their success led to the adoption of similar strategies by others, such as Cheesecake Factory and Minim's Cafe © Innings, 2008). Research from outside the industry suggests that Pudenda may benefit more greatly than others by the implementation of such a strategy. Studies have shown that it grocery stores, high quality food brands gain the most running a promotion with lower prices (Sparkman, 1997). Pudenda has a reputation for high food quality, and it is possible that consumers would view lower prices as a reason to read up, similarly to how they have been shown to behave in grocery stores. . 2. Implementation As large portions are a part of the Pappas brand, and some guests continue to express delight, we suggest maintaining the current menu. New menu items featuring reduced portion and price should be developed and offered separately as has been done by other companies. Tests should be conducted at select locations, and sales can determine their success. In addition, tickets with the new items should be analyzed to determine if they are contributing to an increase APP. Customer dieback should also be utilized, and can be used to refine the new menu.